Nov 8, 2009

12 Awesome French Short Animations

Oktapodi (Gobelins)


Trying to scape of a assistant chef, two octopus find them selves into a funny runaway for theirs lives. This great animation was nominated for the Oscars Academy Award on the category of short film (animated), almost at the same level of Presto from Pixar.

Made by: Julien BOCABEILLE, François-Xavier CHANIOUX, Olivier DELABARRE, Thierry MARCHAND, Quentin MARMIER and Emud MOKHBERI

Watch Oktapodi

Hugh (esma)

A great animation school from Montpellier bring to us this great animation when an old shaman was telling a story to 3 young children. Ages ago, some human beings had big troubles because the sky was too low. Birds could not fly and men were bended, until one day…


Watch Hugh

Mon(s)tre (lisaa)


This is a strange story about our perception of time, it could be relative for each person or statics for others, but at the end we have so many issues with it, that it depends of us how we use it. This is an animation inspired by the universe of Myiazaki, was made as a final carrier project of a 2d animation school.

Made by: Geofforel Ridel , Yann Poyac and Charless Chneck

Watch mon(s)tre

Blind spot (gobelins)


Another great animation from Gobelins as a third year project, this is the story of an unlucky thief get in to a market trying to make his job, but in the market an old and almost blind lady finish her purchase and go home. At the end everything could be confused, or really clear for the police.

Made by: Johanna BESSIERE , Cécile DUBOIS HERRY, Simon ROUBY, Nicolas CHAUVELOT, Olivier CLERT and Yvon JARDEL.

Watch Blind Spot

Pirates (Gobelins)


Another beautiful animation from this school made as an opening short for the Annecy 2006 international animation festival. Is basically 2D traditional animation with some scenes made in 3D, the result its a great and clean animation with a funny story.

Made by: Yves BIGEREL, Bruno DEQUIER, Ben FIQUET, Nicolas GUEROUX, Julien LE ROLLAND

Watch Pirates

up (Emile Cohl)


An animation based on a colorful confrontation between a young artist trying to express herself by tagging on the streets of a gray city and a boring house-painter who is constantly having to cover up graffiti, even this could be the reality of a city like Paris or New York.

Made by: Marie-Clémence Gautier

Watch Wake up

Sigg Jones (supinfo)


What could happen when the heavy weight champion wrestler Sigg Jones drinks a strange Power drink? he loses control of himself unleashing all the good he had… This is one of my favorites animations by the dynamic of the characters movements, this was made by three students from Supinfocom School in France, using 3DSmax.

Made by: Mathieu Bessudo, Douglas lassance and Jonathan Vuillemin

Watch Sigg Jones

La main des maitres (Eesa)


From the George Mellies school as a third year animation project this is the history of two young working on the middle of a big war, trying to make the things worth for the people on the city even if they have to risk their lives, trying to make the message. A great storyline with a mix of techniques

Made by: Looky , Clément Delatre and Adrien “CaYuS” Toupet

Watch La main des maitres

Animadanse (Eesa)


A dream come true for a cleaning guy when he discovers a new spice of monsters who love him, he became what he’s always dreamed. A great mix between 3d animation and reality, and a good domain of the human body animation put in to a break dancer character, which is no to easy.

Made by: Julien Badoil , Bertrand de Becque and Larson Liberin de Shoriba Diop

Watch Animadanse

Jungle jail (esma)


Montpelier bring to us another cool animation about a young little man who arrived in a prison where the strongest prisoner is the boss, and the other are his slaves, until the moment of the confrontation between the two principal characters, anything can happen in this prison, even you could became the most powerful guy on the place.

Made By: Mathieu Arnoux, Jugo Cierzniak , Bruce Nguyen Van Lan and Aimeric palermo

Watch Jungle Jail

Gary (supinfo)


From Supinfo school we have this beautiful animation made in 3d but with a look 2d , the story of a little boy who is in love of his beautiful and older girl-friend, he dreams with waiting for the day when he’ll be older and she loves him back.

Made by: Yann Benedi , Quetin Chaillet and Clement Soulmagnon

Watch Gary

A Quoi Ca Sert L’Amour (bonus1)


An old student of Les Gobelins made this great 2d animation based on Edith Piaf song. It could be your love history as a normal couple like the others, with all the good and bad things this would bring to you. The most important… right now he works in pixar.

Made by: Louis Clichy

Watch A quoi ça sert l’amour

Galactic Mail (bonus2)


A beautiful animation made by Douglas Lassance and Jonathan Vuillemin (the guys behind Sigg Jones), you’ll recognize their animation style and rhythm. This is a story about and intergalactic space race between FedEx and UPS.

Produced by The Mill

Watch Glactic Mail


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