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Toshiba laptop disassembly

Disassemble, repair and upgrade Toshiba laptop yourself. Step by step instructions. Great work!

Stage3D Blogs and References

Stage3D Shader Cheatsheet

A quick reference for working with AGAL, the new shader language for use with Stage3D introduced with Flash Player 11.

Each register consists of four components, which are floating point values. These components are accessed by registerName.x, registerName.y, registerName.z, registerName.w. They’re named for dealing with 3D positions – with the ‘w’ for rotation in the style of quaternions – but they can just as well be used to hold a colour (in fact you can also access the components with .r .g. b. a) or any other values you want to use.
There are several registers of each type available. For instance you might have va0 giving the 3D position of a vertex in space, and va1 giving the uv mapping coordinate for that vertex. The nice thing about having registers made up of components is you can do things like perform a basic addition operation va0 and vc0, and the addition will be performed correctly on each component.

Registers for Vertex Shaders
va[0 to 7] Vertex Attribute…

Github CHEAT

Setup ----- git clone clone the repository specified by ; this is similar to "checkout" in some other version control systems such as Subversion and CVS Add colors to your ~/.gitconfig file: [color] ui = auto [color "branch"] current = yellow reverse local = yellow remote = green [color "diff"] meta = yellow bold frag = magenta bold old = red bold new = green bold [color "status"] added = yellow changed = green untracked = cyan Highlight whitespace in diffs [color] ui = true [color "diff"] whitespace = red reverse [core] whitespace=fix,-indent-with-non-tab,trailing-space,cr-at-eol Add aliases to your ~/.gitconfig file: [alias] st = status ci = commit br = branch co = checkout df = diff dc = diff --cached lg = log -p lol = log --graph --decorate --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit lola = log --graph --decorate --pretty=on…


git status -  view the status of your files in the working directory and staging area$ git status -sgit diff - shows diff of what is staged and what is modified but unstaged$ git diff
git commit -records a snapshot of the staging area$ git configgit rm - remove files from the staging areagit log -show commit history of a branchgit push -push your new branches and data to a remote repository$ git push github master// git add . (add all files)// git commit -m "message"// git push origin master