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Where is Unity Log Files?

Log Files There might be times during development when you need to obtain information from the logs of the standalone player you’ve built, the target device, or the Editor. Usually you need to see these files when you have experienced a problem, to find out exactly where the problem occurred.
On macOS, the player and Editor logs can be accessed uniformly through the standard utility.
On Windows, the Editor logs are placed in folders which are not shown in the Windows Explorer by default. See below.
Editor To view the Editor log, select Open Editor Log in Unity’s Console window.

On macOS, all the logs can be accessed uniformly through the standard utility.
On Windows, the Editor log file is stored in the local application data folder \Unity\Editor\Editor.log, where is defined by CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA.
Note that on Windows and Linux standalones, the location of the log file can be changed (or logging suppressed). See documenttion on Command line arg…

How to Save and Load a Game in Unity

Games are getting longer and longer, with some having over 100 hours of content. It would be impossible to expect players be able to complete all of what a game has to offer in just one sitting. That’s why letting the player save their game is one of the most essential features your game should have — even if it’s just to keep track of their high scores.
But how does one create a save file and what should be in it? Do you need to use a save file to keep track of player settings too? What about submitting saves to the web so they can be downloaded later on a different device?
In this tutorial you will learn:
What serialization and deserialization are.What PlayerPrefs is and how to use it to save player settings.How to create a save game file and save it to disk.How to load a save game file.What JSON is and how you would use it. It is assumed that you have some basic working knowledge of how Unity works (such as being able to create and open scripts), but other than that every…