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Yahoo Mail POP access

FOR THOSE OF YOU you with Yahoo Mail non-premium accounts, you must be homesick for those days when your free Yahoo webmail had POP access andmail forwarding.Since December 2010, those two functions are available only to premium (i.e. paid) account holders, as The Naked Listener wrote in back in 7 January.Since then, I’ve been reliably informed (and reliably tested) a POP/forwarding workaround. The tactic is to set your account to the Philippine region. The U.S. and all of the European regions don’t work.Setting your Yahoo Mail to the Philippines makes for little if any impact on usability and navigation because Philippine regional content are entirely in English.CONFIGURATION1. Log into your Yahoo Mail in the usual way.2. Click “Options” (or “Mail Options” as the case may be) somewhere on the top right corner of the main Yahoo Mail interface.3. A dropdown menu appears. Click “Mail Options.”4. On the left panel, click “Account Information” and you’ll be asked for your password again.5…

Alchemy settings

To get started with Alchemy on a Windows box, you first need to get cygwin installed. Cygwin is a pseudo linux environment that runs under Windows. This gives us access the the LLVM and the gcc compilers. This is how we are going to take C/C++ code and create a swc that we can access directly from flash.

To get started we are going to first need the Adobe Flex SDK, please download this and unzip it to c:\flexsdk

Currently the latest release is Flex4.1 Update

Now we can grab Adobe Alchemy:

Just check the box at the bottom and download the “Alchemy Toolkit for Cygwin on Windows”
When that finishes downloading, unzip it into c:\alchemy (make sure that you don’t unzip it into folders within that, you want the folder structionto be c:\alchemy and then a bunch of folders such as c:\alchemy\achacks, c:\alchemy\bin, etc…

Next you will need to make sure you have Java installed. If …

5 cool Notepad++ tricks

Notepad++ is quite likely the best text editor for Windows. It has a huge range of features that would take quite a few articles to cover. And this exactly what I'm going to do: introduce the incredible power of this highly versatile and sophisticated text editor. No more Notepad or Wordpad for working with text files. Or scripts. Or HTML files.

So, here are (the first) five great tricks that will help you bring out the best of Notepad++.

1. Set Language to match your code

One of the stronger features of Notepad++ is the ability to color pieces of code. This is highly useful when writing C, Matlab or HTML files, allowing you to easily visually distinguish between functions, reserved words, comments, text, and other types of symbols and expressions in your code.

Notepad++ is smart and will automatically detect your code. For example, here's a piece of a Matlab m-file:

2. Bulk find & replace

If you want to replace a certain entry in your file(s), Notepad++ is your (wo)man. Not onl…