Jun 28, 2011

Yahoo Mail POP access

FOR THOSE OF YOU you with Yahoo Mail non-premium accounts, you must be homesick for those days when your free Yahoo webmail had POP access and mail forwarding.

Since December 2010, those two functions are available only to premium (i.e. paid) account holders, as The Naked Listener wrote in back in 7 January.

Since then, I’ve been reliably informed (and reliably tested) a POP/forwarding workaround. The tactic is to set your account to the Philippine region. The U.S. and all of the European regions don’t work.

Setting your Yahoo Mail to the Philippines makes for little if any impact on usability and navigation because Philippine regional content are entirely in English.


1. Log into your Yahoo Mail in the usual way.

2. Click “Options” (or “Mail Options” as the case may be) somewhere on the top right corner of the main Yahoo Mail interface.

3. A dropdown menu appears. Click “Mail Options.”

4. On the left panel, click Account Information” and you’ll be asked for your password again.

5. Your Account Info screen comes up now.

6. Scroll down to Account Settings” section and click “Set language, site, time zone.

7. In “Regional Site and Language,” set it to “Yahoo! Philippines” and click “Save.” (Leave the dropdown menu “Time Zone” underneath unchanged.)

8. Return to the main Yahoo Mail interface the normal way (or just type http://mail.yahoo.com in your browser to do that).

9. Go back to “Options” (or “Mail Options”) somewhere on the top right corner.

10. On the left panel, click “POP & Forwarding” and choose below:

  • EITHER “Allow your Yahoo! Mail to be POPed
  • OR “Forward your Yahoo! Mail

and click “Save changes” button on the top bar.


11. In Yahoo Mail, compose and send a test email to yourself (at Yahoo and at your other email address). The test email should arrive in both places.

12. In your other email, compose and send another test email to yourself (just to Yahoo this time). That test email should arrive in both places.

13. That’s it!


14. It seems this workaround works for free Yahoo Mail accounts that are 10+ years old. You should still try it out regardless of how young or old your account is.

15. This workaround doesn’t work with non-English regional options, such as Japan, Taiwan, etc.

16. Circulate this workaround out of the limelight, or else Yahoo will wise up and plug this loophole.

17. As always with workarounds, your mileage may vary.



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