Sep 12, 2017

Computer Graphics Research Software

Mesh Libraries and Tools
  • GTS (2D dynamic/constrained Delaunay triangulation, robust geometric predicates, mesh boolean set operations, refinement/coarsening, view-independent continuous LOD, view-dependent LOD, AABB-trees, Kd-trees, graph partitioning, isosurfacing, area, volume, mean/gaussian/principal curvature, stripification) (S. Rusinkiewicz)
  • trimesh2 mesh library (read PLY/OFF/3DS/OBJ, write PLY/OFF/OBJ, subdivision, smoothing, curvature estimation, triangle stripping, ICP, cleanup, decimation, basic shapes)
  • OpenMesh (PLY/OBJ, halfedge mesh, decimation, Loop/Sqrt3 subdivision, view-dependent progressive meshes, stripification) (J. Möbius, M. Habbecke)
  • CGAL (2D/3D halfedge mesh, tet meshes) [full packages list] (Authors)
  • MeshLab (import PLY/STL/OFF/OBJ/3DS/COLLADA/PTX/V3D/PTS/APTS/XYZ/GTS/TRI/ASC/X3D/X3DV/VRML/ALN, export PLY/STL/OFF/OBJ/3DS/COLLADA/VRML/DXF/GTS/U3D/IDTF/X3D, selection/smoothing painting, linear measurements, export planar slices, mesh decimation/repair/optimization, mesh alignment) [All Filters] (Authors)
  • OpenFlipper (import/export OFF/OBJ/PLY/STL/STLA/STLB/OM, selection tools w/ surface/volume lasso and sphere brush, decimation, smoothing, edge/face editing) (J. Möbius)
  • mview (read/view PMesh/GTS/OFF/COFF/PLY/VRML/Shallo/VTK ASCII POLYDATA/OBJ) (H. Cantzler, T. Breckon)
  • PLY Tools (read/write PLY)
  • ply2vri (convert PLY mesh to signed-distance volumetric grid, VRI/PPM formats) (B.Allen)
  • JMeshLib (read/write OFF/PLY/STL/VRML1/VRML2/OBJ/IV 2.1) (M. Attene)
  • ReMESH (automatic manifold repair, isolated component removal, hole filling, handle removal, degenerate triangle removal, sharp feature recovery, defect detection and hilighting, manual repair tools) (M. Attenne)
Shape Modeling
Mesh Processing
Point Set Processing
Computational Geometry
P/NP Rendering
Simulation / Animation
  • CNC: CUDA sparse symmetric matrix solver (L. Buatois, G. Caumon, B. Levy)
  • OpenNL: Open Numerical Library (direct/iterative sparse solvers, preconditioners, Least-Squares Conformal Maps (LSCM) implementation) (Authors)
  • CGAL (LP linear programming, QP quadratic programming) (Authors)
  • TAUCS (sparse preconditioned conjugate-gradient/minres, sparse Cholesky (sym-pos-semi-def), sparse LU, sparse LDLT) (S. Toledo, D. Chen, V. Rotkin)
  • UMFPACK (unsymmetric sparse LU) (T. Davis)
  • newmat (C++ dense matrix library [documentation]) (R. Davies)
  • GPUFFTW (GPU power-of-two FFT library) (N. Govindaraju, D. Manocha)
  • LUGPU (GPU dense-matrix LU decomposition) (N. Galoppo, N. Govindaraju, M. Henson, D. Manocha)
Data Sets
Machine Learning
  • Infer.Net - Bayesian Inference in Graphical Models (T. Minka, J. Winn, J. Guiver, A. Kannan)
  • ANN - C++ approximate neareset-neighbours in dimensions ~(8,20) (D. Mount, S. Arya)
Other Stuff

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