Sep 12, 2017

ALCHEMY on Windows with cygwin

To get started with Alchemy on a Windows box, you first need to get cygwin installed. Cygwin is a pseudo linux environment that runs under Windows. This gives us access the the LLVM and the gcc compilers. This is how we are going to take C/C++ code and create a swc that we can access directly from flash.

1 - To get started we are going to first need the Adobe Flex SDK, please download this and unzip it to c:\flexsdk

2- Now we can grab Adobe Alchemy:

3- Just check the box at the bottom and download the “Alchemy Toolkit for Cygwin on Windows”
When that finishes downloading, unzip it into c:\alchemy (make sure that you don’t unzip it into folders within that, you want the folder structionto be c:\alchemy and then a bunch of folders such as c:\alchemy\achacks, c:\alchemy\bin, etc…
Next you will need to make sure you have Java installed. If you do, please continue.

If you do not, please download and install it from here:

Last up is Cygwin’s setup.exe file:

Look for setup.exe about half way down the page, and download that to c:\cygwin (you can put this wherever you like, but I will be using c:\cygwin and c:\alchemy through out the post for simplicity)


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