Sep 23, 2009

YUV Player for Linux

I can watch a .yuv animation. You need to specify the size it was rendered at - that doesn't seem to be part of the file format:
animate -size 480x270 file.yuv
I can single-step through a .yuv animation, using SPACE to step forward and BACKSPACE to step back through the frames:
display -size 480x270 file.yuv
I can also convert a .yuv to a series of .png files. This makes file-0.png through file-23.png for a 24 frame animation:
convert -size 480x270 file.yuv file.png
I also discovered that ffmpeg will happily convert a .yuv to .avi if you just tell it the image dimensions:
ffmpeg -s 480x270 -i file.yuv file.avi