Sep 13, 2009

log4cxx with Visual Studio 2008

1- Download necessary files from here

2- Then unrar the file and under msvc9-proj directory, open the VS project to build necessary dll and library files.

3- Copy the dll file under Release_Shared.

4- Open Visual Studio. Tools->Options->VC++Directories->Library Files, add path to Release_Shared directory for linking necessary libraries.

5- Tools->Options->VC++Directories->Include Files, add path to src/main/include

6- To use the static link log4cxx library, the macro LOG4CXX_STATIC MUST be defined in your projects preprocessor, otherwise your compilation will suffer unresolved linking error:
6-1) Open your project's settings.
6-2) C/C++->Preprocessor->Preprocessor Definitions , add LOG4CXX_STATIC.

Now, you can use logger with Vs 2008.


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