Nov 5, 2017

How To Make Google Chrome Faster? (2017)

The increased use of the internet and the quick internet services has led the users to run out of the patience for the slow connectivity. Therefore, in recent times, we have observed that people are looking for the options or the alternatives we can say to increase the speed for loading the pages on the net.
Google chrome, being the huge part of the top search engine company, did not need any introduction. The reason why sometimes the speed of the chrome falls down because of the RAM usage and the recent updates now although has decrease the speed of the usage of the RAM. The increasing demand to know how to make google chrome faster, we are here introducing the techniques so as to increase the pace of the surfing the Google.
From the web, you can browse as many as tips to know how to increase the speed to browse the Google from the chrome, but all you will have is the repeated tricks and tips, maybe you must have already used. In the post we have share some of the best assistance to increase the speed of the Google chrome browser, and trust us, they are believed to be playing the major role in doing so. You can also check our post on how to increase the download speed in IDM, IDM optimizer if you are the user.
As we are aware, Chrome is one of the popular and smartest browsers available online. It has got variety of features which makes this browser quite easy to use and helpful in surfing online. The below given are some interesting speed up chrome tips which you can follow to make chrome faster.

Enabling Experimental Features

As we know chrome browser has a special page of experimental features. This features are still in development and it will be applied soon in future. But here it also give us the ability to enable it. So do not waste your time and just open chrome://flags and enable the following features:
Setting 1: Faster Image Loading
Press Ctrl+F and find “num-raster-threads“, you will see “Number of raster threads” feature. You need to change the value of it to 4 from default.

Number of raster threads

Setting 2: Faster Close Windows/Tabs
Press Ctrl+F and search for “enable-fast-unload“. Click on Enable link, this will make closing of tabs faster.
Close Tabs/windows faster

Setting 3: GPU Acceleration
Press Ctrl+F and search for “ignore-gpu-blacklist“. Click on Enable link, this function will ignore those GPUs which has less performance & video RAM and it lets chrome to use the available VRAM.
GPU Acceleration

Setting 4: Smooth Scrolling
Press Ctrl+F and search for “smooth-scrolling“. Click on Enable link, this will do what it says.
Smooth Scrolling

Disabling the DNS Preloading

Another great technique to get google faster is disabling the DNS preloading. This is one of the major features present in the Google Chrome and it helps in saving the cache of the Domain Name Servers. This would ultimately assist in loading the browser and even disable them along with saving the cache. All you have to do is follow the various steps given in the Google Chrome as shown below to speed up google chrome.
Go to Setting – Advanced Setting – Privacy. Here you will find two options:
  • Use a web service to help resolve navigational errors
  • Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URL’s typed in address bar
Disable both the services to speed up chrome browser. Checkout the below snapshot to have more clear idea about how to speed up google chrome using this tweak.

disabling dns preloading

Enable Prefetch Resources

Enable Prefetch Resources
Go to Setting> Advance Settings> Privacy. This option is pre enabled in latest Google Chrome browser. This feature does just what it says “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly”. Resources means “Javascript” or any other types of script that the page might have will be stored in you PC locally and retrieve it when needed. This will definitely speed up chrome browser.

Enable SPDY/4

This will speed up your overall page loading time by making the web transaction speed to maximum. Search for Enable SPDY in find option and click the blue title Enable link in the option. After clicking you will notice the color change from light grey and the that blue link should now say “Disable”
enable spdy 4

Disabling Plugins

There is no doubt that the Google Chrome’s plugin are quite helpful but they often make the Google Chrome slow and affects the performance. Frankly, it is better if you simply remove them after their usage. This will give you the solution for your query of how to make chrome faster. Also check our most popular post of 7 best possible ways to make android run faster.
The following are the steps to be followed in removing the plugins
  • Go to Settings – Extensions – Dustbin button after every extension that you want to delete from your browser.
disabling plugins

Clearing Browsing Data Regularly

One of the best way to speed up chrome is clearing the browsing data regularly. Basically, the saved cache and the other kinds of saved data like the login details, browser history, saved forms, etc. dumps a heavy weightage on your browser. So, it is kind of better if you clear them which will make google chrome faster. Also check a simple guide to speeding up wordpress blog.

For clearing them, you need to follow the given steps

  • Go to Settings – History section or (Ctrl+H) – Clear Browsing Data
clearing browsing data

Set Maximum Tiles to 512

Here we are going to change the number of “maximum tiles for interest area”. This feature is used to increase the RAM that chrome is allowed to use. It will also take any little glitch out of your browsing experience.
Open Chrome://flags and Find Maximum Tiles. Now click on the drop down menu and change default to 512.
Maximum Tiles

Disabling the Image Content

If you have plans to boost the Internet speed or wants to make google chrome faster, then the first thing that you need to do is disable the images present in the browser. Once you do it, the websites may not look that cool but the browser will be very much fast. This will be the best solution for how to speed up google chrome.
In your google chrome URL bar, Enter: chrome://chrome/settings/content, in Image section, click on Do not show any images. This will 100% surely make your google chrome run faster. Follow below snapshot:
disabling the image content

Using Data Saver Extensions

Now this is a useful Google Chrome extension which will be the answer for how to make chrome faster. Basically, this will assist in saving a lot of the Internet data which you have browsed and stored. Plus you can easily boost up the Internet speed to a certain extend. So, download this Data Saver Extension on your Google Chrome.
data server extension chrome

Offline Cache Mode – Enable

When you feel your internet connection is disturbed by the unknown factors, the Google chrome allows you to load the cache version of the website’s homepages. To enable them, all you have to do is-
Search Enable Chrome option> click on Enable from the offline cache Mode row.
offline cache mode enable

Experimental Canvas Features – Enable

In order to increase the page loading duration and boosting the performance of the chrome, the experimental canvas allows the chrome to make the best use of the opaque canvases. From the chrome, to enable the feature, you need to search for experimental canvas and click on enable option. You are done!
Enable Experimental Canvas Features

Experimental WebSocket Feature – Enable

The Websocket feature will help you to deal and manage the communication of web traffic in the unique way. You can find this feature on the chrome and just click on enable option after finding it.
Enable Experimental Websocket Implementation

Touch Events – Enable

The touchscreen devices will not hinder the performance of the chrome; instead it will improve it depending on which touchscreen gadget you are using. It doesn’t matter which touch screen model you are using- iPad, touch screen computer, smartphone or Microsoft surface, search for the touch events and click on enable option, that’s it. You can watch the chrome’s performance improving with the feature.
touch events enable

Accelerated Overflow Scroll – Enable

Long pages on the chrome sometimes are boring, but some of them are interesting. To have the best scroll experience, you can enable the accelerated overflow from the chrome. After enabling the feature, you can watch the content compiling into the one single page thus without overflowing the content on multiple pages.
Enable Accelerated Overflow Scroll

Fast Tabs or Window Close – Enable

Surfing the net during office hours and want to close the tabs quick after the seeing the boss coming towards you, what to do? Maybe this time you won’t be saved but to stay safe all you need to enable fast tab from the chrome. The content will move from your face at the quick pace, working on the chrome’s JavaScript. It handles the independent functioning of the graphical user interface (GUI).
Enable Fast Tab/Window Close

Checking for the conflicts with 3rd Parties – Enable

While the function works only on windows devices, it has proved to be very useful. This function will be useful to you when you are in middle of something important work and the website decides to crash in between. The function will help you to check any malware or software dysfunctionality in the background, becoming the reason for the sudden crash down of the website. The conflict with 3rd Parties option can be found on the chrome and enable it.

All the mentioned tips to increase the speed of the Google chrome browser are authentic and you can try all of them by yourself. These tips can though help you to speed up chrome browser but it also depends on how you are using the browser and what kind of websites you are launching on it. All these methods are easy to use and also all of them can be accessed with the average internet speed. You can share the tips with your friends on the social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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