Feb 20, 2011

Read/Write NTFS Files In Mac OS X

I have been having a hard time finding good suggestions on how to access and edit hard drives that are in NTFS format on my Mac. The main reason I wanted to be able to do this was so that I could edit my Windows 7 drive when booted in my Mac partition. I have been looking for something for quite awhile with now avail, but then yesterday I finally came across something that answered my prayers.
What I'm talking about is some little code that was made by a Google engineer that made some changes to the driver for NTFS file format in your Mac OS X. All that you really need to do is install it and restart your computer and just like that you are able to edit NTFS drives in OS X. It is called NTFS 3G.

Here is the link:


It is really simple to install and after a quick restart it is fully functional. I hope this helps all of those out there looking for this solution.

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