Mar 31, 2010

Beta Update: Translate for Linux, SSL fix

Google Chrome 5.0.342.7 has been released to the Beta channel for Linux.

We’ll be releasing 342 to Mac and Windows soon, but we wanted to get the Linux update out as quickly as possible to fix an issue with Google SSL sites failing with ‘error 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR)’ (issue 37722).

Here are the highlights since the 307.11 update:

  • Automatic translations and greater control over content for privacy. The Google Chrome 4.1 Beta announcement for Windows explains these features in more detail.
  • Really, really reload. A normal reload causes the browser to check with the server before reusing its cached content. The server can decide whether or not the browser should use its cached content. A force reload causes the browser to ignore its cached content and ask the server for a fresh copy of the page. Use Shift+Reload to force a reload (the reload keyboard shortcut varies by platform).
To get on the Beta channel, you can download Google Chrome from

If you find issues, please let us know:

--Mark Larson, Google Chrome Team

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