Jul 2, 2009

OGRE SDK for Vista and Visual 2008

1 - Download OGRE SDK for your compiler : Here

2 - Download OGRE SDK AppWizard for your compiler : Here

Note: They are for VS2008, if you want to setup Ogre SDK for VS2005 or others, please look at this link.


Very important!

Do not install this into a directory name with spaces in it, like "My Documents" or the like. You are only asking for trouble.

Choose a sensible no-spaces-in-it name, like C:\OgreSDK.
Install the OGRE SDK.

After installation, we are checking that everything is alright. We want the OGRE_HOME environment variable present, and we want it to point to where the OgreSDK is installed.

It happens by default, but we are checking anyway.

Right-Click the "My Computer" icon, go to the Advanced tab and click on the Environment Variables button.

You should see an OGRE_HOME environment variable pointing to your newly installed OGRE SDK.

4 - OGRE AppWizard

* Unzip folder under C:\OgreSDK. After that, go to C:\OgreSDK\ogresdkwizard90_v1_5_1\Files\

* Open OgreSDKAppWizard90.vsz with Notepad.
* Edit paramater ABSOLUTE_PATH to C:\OgreSDK\ogresdkwizard90_v1_5_1\Files
* Then copy OgreSDKAppWizard90.ico, OgreSDKAppWizard90.vsdir and OgreSDKAppWizard90.vsz to {Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0 PATH }\VC\vcprojects or if you use express edition {Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0 PATH }\VC\Express\VCProjects

5 - Create a New Project and Build it on VS2008, just like on the this web site.

6 - Then execute the exe document in your OgreSDK/bin/debug.

7- If it is working, Good Job ! If it is not and gives some dll errors, such like d3dx9_xx.dll, d3dx10_xx.dll etc. Go to http://www.m3fe.com/content/d3dx/ web site and download the missing dll to your OgreSDK/bin/debug. and now, run it :D

Enjoy programming with Ogre3D !

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